Dream A Little Dream | Start Creating Your Dream Room

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Dream A Little: Spend five minutes in the room of your choice. Sit down and get comfy and think about what you would like the room to look like. Try to remember what you envisioned the room would be when you first moved in to the home. When your five minutes are up, write down what you dreamed in your journal or on the electronic device of you choice. When you are finished  perform a five minute tidy or cleaning session.  This session is your first step to making your room the room of your dreams.  Now you are ready for the next step.  What is the next step?  Who knows, sit down another day and dream a little dream again real soon.

Have a Rocking Dreaming Day!

p.s. Pottery Barn has many of the items I would love to have in my dream room.
p.s.s. I am writing this just in case my husband reads this post.  ROFL

Serenity If you click this it will take you to another page which will have a link to this song.  Dream with it, I do all the time.  I love this song.

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