Trash It Just Happens

Keeping it simple this Tuesday because we are back to school and it is library day and I spend most of my time volunteering and cramming in as much work as I can possible cram in to the two hour time slots I have available.

Simple Daily Challenge: Take 5 minutes and empty all the trash bins or cans in the house.  Off the top of my head I believe we have seven overflowing bins. And I know from experience that if these do not get cleared out clutter will explode and I will feel that little overwhelmed feeling begin and my right eye will start twitching.

How many trash cans do you have in your home?

Enjoy the day, its a brand new one!


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  1. We usually just use the trash in the kitchen because the dogs raid the bathroom trash constantly! I should probably get ones with lids.

  2. We have 5 trash cans around the house….kitchen, bathroom, office and kids bedrooms. Part of my kids chores is to empty their trash cans every Saturday during their bedroom cleaning time. Kitchen trash can is teenager’s responsibility as it gets full and we usually empty the bathroom one every cleaning time…. i am very anal about trash cans and garbage as you can tell,lol

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