Three Minutes A Day To Organized- The Broom Closet


I am excited to embark on another three-minutes per day organizing adventure.  It worked so well on my Master closet that I decided to tackle the broom closet.  My broom closet is a disgrace to closets everywhere.  It has no real purpose aside from causing folks to duck or run away when  I open the door.  The brooms are not hanging, but sort of stuffed randomly in corners and the rest is just a jumble of forgotten clutter.


The good news is I found the missing Christmas Crackers!  


Below is the shameful before picture.  I will be adding updates through the next couple of weeks to show my three-minute progress.



Three Minutes!  Three Minutes!  Three Minutes!


Simple Daily Challenge:  Is there a project around the houes that you have been putting off due to time constraints or energy levels!  Well three minute to organized may be just you need!  Zip around the house and see if you can find an area that needs to be organized, tidied and decluttered and join me on this organizing adventure.

Happy Organizing Saturday to you!

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