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Back to School – Organize to Optimize- Study Area – Desk

7 Days to an Organized Study Area, Bedroom and more for a perfect back to school kick-off!

Back to School – Organize your child’s desk or study area!

We are organizing our child’s bedroom and study areas to make this school year rock by being optimized to their needs.

Yesterday we de-cluttered the study areas and today we are going to organize them. I am a big fan of being prepared for any study situation.  I am the kind of mom that keeps an emergency set of poster boards behind the couch and I always have an ample supply of poster size sticker letters. I can’t tell you how many times in my “early years of parenting” that I had to run to the local all -night supermarket to try to find school supplies.  They usually had a few things, but never a black poster  board with orange neon letter or felt and felt glue to make tiny costumes for Flat Stanley. I have lived and I have learned and am perfectly willing to share tips and tricks with 27 years of experience and a child in grade school to hone them to perfection ( or at least make things better).

The desk area  can either be a big help or a big distraction.  The key to doing homework efficiently is less distraction and more positive motivation.  I have created desk areas for my little guy in all kinds of ways but the most effective is as follows.

  • Organize the desk with only items needed along with one or two special things that my child has chosen to show ownership to the study areas.
  • Absolutely no toys in the study area.
  • Be prepared to realize my child will love his desk but end up at the kitchen table near his family anyway, because he has been at school all day, participated in after school activities and sports and just plain misses his family at the end of the day.
  • I keep study aids in three rooms, the desk area, the kitchen and my home office. I may be overly prepared, but a mom’s gotta do what she can to get homework finished, dinner made, and have a little fun with my child every day which is impossible without some kind of organization.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Take a photo to show your progress today. ( totally optional)

(because we decluttered in the last challenge this is going to go by fast!)

2. Organize like items together. Pens and pencils in a container, blank writing and colored papers in a try or filing system, pencil sharpener so there is no excuse to wander around sharpening, art supplies in a little box ( including scissors)  and study aids lined up on a shelf or in a basket or bin near the desk.

3. Consider a small trash can to make clean-up simple and your child’s responsiblity.

4. Write down in your home notebook what school supplies are needed and make sure to check last year’s stash for those items. ( you can purchase needed items later)

*I keep a big drawer full of extras that I collect as they go one sales or I have a coupon.

5. If you can label everything.

6. Take you after photo and pat yourself on the back, you are finished for the day.

See you tomorrow, we are tackling books. Well not literally, but we will organize and optimize yet, again to make this school year rock!

Question:  What items do you feel are  the most beneficial for a study desk or study area?



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