Valentine Inspiration

Valentine's Day Inspiration

I love the idea of Valentine’s Day. The colors are unique, reds, pinks and white with a dash of purple for fun. I love that after the enormous Christmas holiday we can take a step back and plan a happy quiet meal with the people we love without a lot of pomp and circumstance.

Bits and pieces of red.  Love it!

A simple setting with just a dash of pink from mother nature.  The perfect setting for a quiet brunch with your family on Valentine’s Day.

Simple yet effective. Where on earth did they find these awesome hot pink taper candles?

Upcycle a few glass jars with ribbon and a few cut flowers. Perfect.

Change out a couple of frames with cut out hearts. Simple and fun.  Of course they did a whole wall, but you could do a small picture frame on a side table.

Do you plan a special meal or outing for Valentine’s Day?

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