Daily Challenge for Friday_ Its Friday, time to clean out all the inboxes.

Virtual or Physical, by the end of the week my inboxes are overflowing with stuff. So this Friday I am clearing out all of them so I will not look at them and feel stress.  I am always worried I will forget something if I don’t have my Friday clean out time.

Friday is the best day for this job because my son’s homework folder is due along with all the other bits of paper for school.  Then there are the bills, which are a very special inbox all on their own.

I have been following David Allen’s System – Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity for almost four years now.  And he probably clears out his inbox on a daily basis.  But I just don’t have the time right now in my life.  One day, I will be ultra organizing queen of the world and my inbox will be clean, shiny and properly dressed for all office occasions.

But for today I am just going to hunker down and clean them all out.  This includes my email inbox, bill inbox, my bit stack of random papers inbox and my to-file folder.

peace and popcorn,

and don’t you just love a challenge,

come on gals, your inbox is calling you…


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  1. I just finishing cleaning out my inbox, spam and trash! I try to clean out my inbox every other day although it doesn’t happen all of the time.

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