A Game, A Valentine and A Journey To Spring

clutter busting quarter flip

We have not played Quarter Flip Game in a long while.  So grab a coin and lets play!

Here is the link to the rules and if you have young children at home let the “play” as well.

Clutter Busting Quarter Flip- The Game for Crazy Busy Moms

After I play this morning I am going to sit and have a cup of tea and plan my Valentine’s Day with my guys.

(love this book pictured above, I get so sentimental on holidays)
What do you do for Valentine’s Day?  I am keeping it simple but I think it is nice to have a day just to be kind to folks.
The Day It Rained Hearts
I love the idea of a heart-shaped pizza and watching the film Sleepless in Seattle or eating Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs and watching Walt Disney’s Lady and The Tramp.



These are simple ideas that would round off nicely with a pan of brownies and and ice cold glass of milk.


But most importantly to take time on this day of hearts and hugs and do just that, pass out lots of hugs to your family and tell them you appreciate them and love them.


May the joy of the journey to Spring fill your day with happiness as you take care of your family and you!  You Rock!


P.S. On my organizing project this week I chose my son’s dresser and desk. This has turned out to be tricky because I do most of my organizing at night time when he is asleep.  The task just got more interesting.  I am sneaking in time on my work breaks.

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