Jacqueline Kennedy Had the Momma Groove

I am sitting here thinking about President’s day weekend. My youngest son loves all things Presidential.  He especially love President Ronald Reagan because they share a birthday!


Jacqueline Kennedy was a special First Lady. She was married to a young Catholic President which baffled the nation. Kennedy was young and Catholic and of course had tongues wagging for his entire presidency.


But today as  I work in my home my thoughts are about First Lady Jacqueline. She set the bar for First Lady so high. She was educated, beautiful and very family oriented.


I am sharing a link today from the JFK library that gives quotes that will make you wonder and make you proud. In all that in entails to be First Lady she put her children first. She realized in all the hustle and bustle of life in the White House her children needed her the most. JFK Library  – Her Voice

Simple Daily Challenge:

  1. Take a little extra time making you feel special today. Just like First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy we all put our families first. But we are part of our families and need to take time to take care of ourselves.
  2. Spend some uninterrupted quality time with your children. Play a game, put together a puzzle, play at the park or cook a simple meal. These times with our young ones are important and should not be left to chance in our busy lives.
  3. Embark on a 10 minute declutter session in the messiest room in the house. Clutter takes up precious time with our families and when we rid ourselves of it we will have more quality time to spend with our spouses, special someones and our children.


Enjoy your day!

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