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100 Pick Up and Holiday Battle Stations

Holiday Clean-Up Challenge – Monday

100 pickup and Holiday Battle Stations

Welcome to a new day!

First Challenge:

Its Monday and you know what that means! Join me in a super awesome 100 pick-up challenge to fight clutter and keep our homes as tidy as we can. It is the busiest time of the year so the clutter explodes rapidly and we have to fight back rapidly or it will win. Clutter simply cannot win if we address it with a positive attitude and a couple a cups of some kind of natural energy.


Here is my morning energy cocktail list:

2 cups of coffee with coconut milk or soy depending on what I have on hand.

1 large cup of ice water

1 morning Chocolate Spinach blender fruit drink from Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat for Health
.  I just love it.  

Anyway, back to the first challenge.

Turn on some music, or your kitchen timer and for 5 or 10 solid uninterrupted minutes pick up and put away clutter.  It helps tremendously if you have your trash bag for trash  and a box or basket for items that need to be put away in another room.

Come on get started and meet me back here in 10 minutes for the next challenge or just keep reading and do the whole lot in big fat timer setting.

Second Challenge:

Holiday Battle Stations:

There really are several area in the home that get an enormous amount of use during the holidays. Today we are going to clear our Holiday Headquarters and set up a mini-wrapping station some place in the house.

Holiday Day headquarters is the spot where you pay your bills, fill out your calendar, clip coupons, write your TO DO list and so many more things.  I would suggest keeping all this in one place except maybe a family calendar.  But you totally do what works for you,  because everyone should keep their stuff in a place that works for them.

  1. Set your timer 5 minutes and clear off your desk, organize all your stuff into some kind of stacks, files, or binders.  Have you pad of paper or planner with a pen nearby so that you can take notes and keep track of gift purchases, meal plans and anything else that you need to write down.  Searching for your planner or planning pad should not take more than 10 seconds.  Don’t forget to keep all of your holiday receipts in an envelope or file. And if you have older, snoopy children, hide this one.
  2. Consider a Gift Wrapping Station for this super busy time of year. I keep a gift wrap bag in my closet year round but during the holidays I have a little table surround by all  the items I need to get gifts wrapped, bowed and tagged. ( I am not sure if bowed is the right word but I like it so I am keeping it.) Having all these items in one place is a big help and will save you time.

And that is it gals and pals! Happy Monday!


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