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31 Day Clutter Crusade – Day 30 – Kitchen Utensils

kitchenutensils - how to declutter

Today we are decluttering our every day kitchen utensils.  Overcrowded kitchen drawers can be dangerous especially with sharp objects like chef knives and mircroplanes stored in them.

I have 17 must have utensils in my kitchen and feel this is the best way to keep the clutter down. Your 17 must haves might be a bit different from mine and that is okay.  The key is to have a limit.

The Must Haves in Your Kitchen

Here is a link to my 17 must haves and what to do with the extras, it is a helpful post on what to keep handy in your kitchen drawers.

17 Must Have Items in Your Kitchen Utensil Drawer and What to Do With the Extras

Our Challenge is to declutter one kitchen utensil drawer today in 10 minutes or less.

  • Empty all contents of one utensil drawer.
  • Trash- whatever is broken or past its prime.
  • Donate – Donate items that you have too many duplicates of in your drawer. Example: 12 wooden spoons and 8 can openers.
  • Keep- Keep only the items that you need.  Wipe down the inside of the drawer and replace the kitchen utensils in an orderly fashion grouping like items together.

I strongly suggest storing seasonal items away so that you have easily accessible everyday items.

You are totally rocking these challenges!

Tomorrow is out last day of the 31 Day Clutter Crusade and we will be decluttering the entry way of our homes.


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