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2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to the 2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour. See my home decorated for Christmas and get inspired to decorate your own home!

 Tour Welcome to the 2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour. See all of my Christmas decor and get inspired to decorate your own home!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We have been super busy decking the halls and even singing a round of Jingle Bells or two! I am so excited to share our Living Room and Dining room today to kick off the 2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour! Let me start off by thanking all of you for dropping by especially the 2018 Holiday Home Tour team! I enjoy so much this part of the season! Decorating our home and chatting with other design bloggers about the thrills and spills of designing for Christmas!  These are some talented designers and I am so happy to be a part of the team.

Welcome to Momma Can!

If you new hear, let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Pamela aka Momma. I am a wife and mom of two boys and a newly ordained grammy to one beautiful granddaughter. My kids are light years apart!  The youngest is still in high school and plays cello in the orchestra and tennis when he gets a chance.  My husband is a second-generation foundryman and is currently training my oldest the ins and outs of investment casting. This means we pour really hot metal and make cool stuff. I use our bronze pinecones in design all the time! However, the family business generally produces aerospace parts and other stuff to keep the world moving and communicating.   I have always loved creating so having this blog as an outlet has been a great joy to me! By day I work in graphic design by night I make recipes, decorate, and write to help busy moms have a productive and happy life.  Psst! I am so happy you are here!

Designing for Christmas  Holiday Home Tours

The best part about designing rooms for Christmas is my husband humors my total Christmas decor addiction!  I literally flipped our entire home design this year and he has only complained a hand full of times. I mean the first couple of days it looked like a second family has moved in! But it is totally worth it.  These Christmas Home Tours are what makes blogging so much fun! Sharing the treasures I have found in my various hunts for goodies is one of my favorite things.  I hope you enjoy the 2018 Holiday Home Tour! Today I am sharing my Living Room and Dining Room.

At the end of the post will be a list to my fellow design friends posts! Please take some time for a visit and grab ideas from these gals. Every one of us has a different style so it makes for an awesome tour.

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2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour

Christmas family room with High Cotton Print, Red Pillows and California Bear Pillow

( similar ) Red Christmas Pillows, California Bear Pillow

I had plans to do the porch today, however, because my design was flipped from sparkly red to crazy amounts of color, I am going to share my entryway and porch later this week.

Colorful Christmas Living Room and High Cotton

The Colorful Christmas Living Room features an art print I purchased that reminds me of my home in Memphis as well as my momma’s family.  Immigrating from Mexico and then transplanting from Texas to Arkansas my granny Vega’s kids were not strangers to cotton fields. In fact, my Aunt Lilia was a champion cotton picker. I truly feel my high-level work ethic is because I have never seen my mom not do a job to the best of her ability. She has always worked hard and excelled at everything she as tried.

I look at this beautiful cotton field print and it reminds me that no matter where I am in life if I work hard, I will be rewarded with a season of High Cotton.  The term “high cotton” originates from the rural farming community in the South when “high cotton” meant that the crops were good and the prices, were, too. The term has generalized to mean one is doing well and is successful.

Christmas Home tour with beautiful High Cotton art print and red stocking. Capture wonderful family moments in the comfy California Christmas living space. Pottery Barn Benchwright Coffee Table ,  Similiar Red Stockings

I simply love the bear pillow. If you are aware of the terrible California wildfires, our home was not harmed. However, we were evacuated and it was terrifying.  Before I left the house that night I took photos of all my favorite things to keep as memories.  I knew there was a good chance my home might not be there when I got back.  My babies and husband were safe, and my grandbaby and her family.

That was what mattered to me. I am tearing up just thinking about how hard that month was for all of us. But my home and family are both safe. This is the reason I chose to bring joyful color in Christmas this year.

Christmas Home tour with lovely candle display and ornaments.
Similar Large Round Wooden TrayDisco Ball OrnamentsSimilar Brass Candlesticks

I love, love my candlestick collection mixed in the large round tray with jewel tone, polka dot, and disco ball mirror ornaments!  Of course, this is also a chore when my grandchild comes, so I always choose break resistant ornaments!  Christmas Holiday Home Tours should be kid friendly! LOL

Christmas styled bookcase with white lanterns and cotton

White Lantern similar,   Similar Red Farm Clock 
This is our bookcase, usually truly filled with school books and toddler books for our granddaughter. Her books are in the baskets and the school books are now in the kitchen in their own little cubby. I wanted a clean and simple look. I found the two prints at Homegoods and the lanterns as well. The cotton brings the art print above the fireplace to mind, and the red clock was a gift from my husband.

Christmas Home tour with wrapped bright green and pink present on wooden stool. I am in love with happy greens and pinks to wrap up Christmas gifts!

Green Polkadot Wrapping Paper, Pink Satin Ribbon


O’ Christmas Tree!

The Christmas Tree Decorated with Joyful Jewels and Lots of Golden Sparkle! 

Letting you on a little secret!  I researched for days on how to decorate the perfect  Christmas tree, then I proceeded to go ahead and do it my way! I mean, a Christmas tree should be a beautiful element of your home that comes from your heart and your family’s treasures. Our treasures will be added to the tree later this week. It is a special quiet time with my husband and son. We talk about the adventures and slip-ups through the year while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas Jazz on the Echo.   (I totally love my Echo!)

Christmas Home tour with lovely candle display and ornaments. -

Similar Golden Pinecone Ornaments, Similar Red Ornaments with White Polka Dots, Large Red Ornaments

Our Christmas Tree is dazzling with Reds, Golds, Blues, Purples, Kelly Greens, and special ornaments including starburst, golden pinecones, and lovely polka-dot and striped red and white ornaments!  Generous golden sprigs of floral stems cover the tree as well as two pine tapestry ribbon bows to fill the top!

Christms Holiday Home Tour with Christmas Tree in jewel tones and Industrial style wine cart.

Irish Blessing Cross Ornament. Bright Blue Break Resistant Ornaments, Similar Jewel Tone Christmas Poppers

Pictured you can see our Irish Blessing Ornaments as well as a red cardinal. I keep these cardinals in my trees in remembrance of my brother Michael. Gone to soon but never forgotten. Also pictured is my spur of the moment wine cart. There is a wonderful story behind this cart that  I intend to share in another post. Otherwise, I will never finish!  However isn’t it lovely peeking behind the tree to see gorgeous jewel tone wine glasses!

Christmas Holiday Home Tour Dining Room

The dining room is dressed up simply because we will be using it for a Christmas Eve dinner soon and most all rooms will be filled with tables for guests. However, I love a pretty table and was thrilled to pieces when I found the lovely white planter with gold polka dots and the adorable donkey cookie jar with happy colors adorning his saddle.

Chrismas table design with simple red poinsettias and white planter with gold polka dots. The burro steals the show and doubles as a cookie jar!

White Vase with Gold Polka Dots,  Donkey Cookie Jar

Small Decorated Red, Blue and Green Joy Christmas Tree in Christmas Holiday Home Tour Dining Room

Similar Round Bar Cart  , Multi Colored Ornaments,  Similar Christmas Tree in Pot

I love our little corner tree in the dining room. I filled the bar cart with colorful ornaments for even more holiday cheer!

Christmas Dining Room Simple and Festive

Scandinavian Snowflake Red and White Table Runner, Pebble Texture Extended Table Runner Pictured

I love the simple table runners and pretty packages in my favorite new colors for Christmas!  The table runners were a last-minute choice at Target. I had planned to make one that was similar to high-end Kate Spade design, but heck, I ran out of time!  I might still cut it and create a table before the season is finished! However, the red and white pattern really is perfect for my little Donkey Cookie Jar!

imple colorful Christmas dining room with red and white decor in a Christmas Room for busy moms and families.

And that is a wrap! I hope you have enjoyed the tour! Please visit my fellow blogging sisters in design at the links below!

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Thanks to ShabbyFuFu and Southern Hospitality for hosting this Merry Christmas Blog Party, a place for lots of design bloggers to share their Christmas decor and Christmas treasures!

Looking forward to sharing more Christmas designs at Momma Can’s home in Southern California! 

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  1. Love your home! I’m so glad that your home and family made it without harm!

    Your donkey cookie jar is too cute.

  2. Everything looks beautiful and I can’t believe you got it all decorated so soon after evacuating! Thank goodness everyone was ok! I love the jewel tones, they are so vibrant!

  3. Pam everything is so bright and festive the perfect way to celebrate the season, and there is so much to be thankful for too. I am so glad that you and your family is now safe from the fires in CA, my heart has been going out to you all. Sending you all the best for you holidays and I can not wait to see you outdoor reveal later this week !

  4. Oh my heavens your tree!!! It’s so beautiful with all the jewel tones and the tray with the ornaments is such a great idea for quick and easy table decor. Fabulous job my friend!

  5. Be still my color lovin heart! All that color is amazing and I just love that tree!! I also love that every decor choice means something to you and your family. Great job my friend 🙂

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