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31 Day Clutter Crusade – Day 22 – Trunk of Car

Declutter the trunk of Your Car

It’s a never-ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.

Dale Earnhardt

Today we are clearing out the debris and clutter from the trunk of our cars. This is especially helpful for working and mega-volunteering moms as their trunks tend to get full in a big hurry while carting around work and volunteer related materials.

*Tip – for your job and each volunteer job you need a designated spot in the garage or some place in the house to store the stuff. Otherwise, your car ends up being a closet and then there is not room for sports equipment, musical instruments and groceries!  Car organizing equipment helps and totes on wheels with lids! 

 Picnic at Ascot Foldable Trunk Organizer, Houndstooth

Qube Cart XL -Black


How to Declutter the Trunk of Your Car

1. Take a trash brag and toss out all trash in the trunk of the car.
2. Remove and put away items that your are not currently using today or tomorrow.
3. Find a designated spot for each item you remove grouping like items together. For example: sports, work, volunteer jobs and music. (If your child plays drums, tuba, cello or other large instrument, see if the school has inexpensive rentals to keep one at school and one at home for practice.
3. Organize the remaining items in the car and keep the following handy at all times.

  • First Aid Kit
  •  Emergency Kit
  •  Small blanket, roll of paper towels.
  •  Weather related tools, ice scraper, gloves and umbrella

When you are finished, take a motivating digital photo memory so that when the trunk gets wild and disorderly again you know exactly what to do.

This challenge may take more than ten minutes so for sure remove the trash and organize as much as your can.  It is really worth it today to spend a few extra minutes for the trunk of your car. It will give you such peace to see order when you shop for groceries and pack for the school week placing items orderly into an organized trunk!

You are rocking these challenges!


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