Have The Christmas Decorating Police Showed Up At Your House?



You know that feeling of ecstatic  joy after you finishing packing away the Christmas decorations and get the house all back together all organized and tidy.


Well, I am not there yet.  And you know what, I am totally okay with where I am.  Why?

Because I know that there will be no Christmas Decorating Police showing up at my door to fine me if I do not get all the decor down in the time allotted by King of Decor that rules all households and decided when and how I remove my holiday decorations.


I wonder if it is consumerism that pushes up to put up and put away our Christmas and other holiday decorations so quickly?  Is it because the Mega Stores would like for us to start decorating for President’s Day the day after Christ’s birthday?  Does Hallmark want  us to deck our halls with hearts and bows for Valentines Day in January?



Where is this rule book?  And what phobia has the world plastered into our brains that says we have to rip down such beautiful decor that would put our heart and soul into so soon after a wonderful holiday event filled with family and friends and memories?

Okay, back to the decor clean-up talk.

How to Pack Away Your Christmas Decorations

Pack up and put away your decoration in an orderly fashion so that next year you will have a even more joyful time putting them up.

  • Turn on some good music during the process.
  • Take a few pictures before you begin for your Holiday Notebook so that if you can’t remember, they will be there to help you to remember.
  • Pack each item and label accordingly.  Use the biggest label possible especially if these items are stored in a dark attic.
  • If you purchased cards or wrapping paper at the year end sales write it down all the way to November and December in your calendar as a reminder that you have already purchased these items and will not need to do so when they put them out in July right after the big summer holidays and back to school sales. (nope, I am not ranting just stating facts. lol)
  • Do all these things at your own pace and get some help from the family.  We live to journey through this life with as much happiness as we can conjure up and taking down Christmas decorations should not be a pain but just another part of the wonderful holiday journey.

Have a joyful new year and a rocking day!


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