Spring Dancing Here, Why? Because I Can

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 39

Master Bedroom – The Closet and Freshen Up The Bed Linens


I cannot believe how busy life can be for moms when the end of school is on the horizon. I am so excited my ears are ringing and my toes are tapping. I know it is over a month away but I simply enjoy hanging out with my sons. They are truly the best gifts I have ever received.


Have you started making plans for summer?  I am thinking beach, the water-park or both with lots and lots of game nights and scrumptious food!


Anyway, what am I rambling about. We have some Spring Dancing to accomplish today. Yep I said dancing, cleaning feel like a really strong word to me today.


Let’s Get Started: 

  1. Wash the bed linens and anything else that is washable on the bed. There is nothing like fresh sheets to put a spring in your step and a song on your lips.
  2. Spend 5 more minutes making that closet the neatest and happiest place on earth. (well, in your bedroom).

I know you are going to love tucking in yourself tonight with fresh smelling sheets!

Sweet Dreams

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