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31 Day Clutter Crusade Day 4

pantry shelves labels

Today Is Day 4 of the 31 Day Clutter Crusade

Today we are hanging out in the kitchen and clearing clutter from the pantry shelves. Take 5 minutes and remove any items that might be out of date or you have discovered that your family just does not care for them. After you remove unwanted items wipe down the shelf and organize the remainders by grouping like items togther.

We can still use the same clutter crusade method in the pantry that we do throughout the house.

  • Keep it – If it is a food items our family enjoys and we plan to use.
  • Donate it- It it is unopened and still under the expiration date we can donate the food item to local food banks.
  • Toss it – It the food item is expired or has damage that might make you think it is spoiled toss it.  (“When in doubt, throw it out!”)

I love this simple method of handling clutter! 

Labeling items in our pantry at home has been a big help in keeping order. Pictured above are super cute chalkboard labels that are marked with a chalkboard paint pen that is super easy to use.

cup labels
22 Fancy Rectangle Chalkboard Sticker Variety Pack – Chalkboard Labels in 4 Sizes
I love the whimsical style of these and also the straighter edge pictured in my Pantry Makeover last year.

mommacan.com Organized Pantry


The entire clutter challenge for just one kitchen pantry shelf  should only take about 5 minutes. I would love to see your results on  Facebook of you can send them in an email format to momma@mommacan.com and I can add it to a victory post!

Here is the 31 day Clutter Crusade Guide for the Month

31 Day Clutter Crusade

You can right-click this photo and save it to your desk top or print it and share it with friends. Give Mommacan.com some love by tweeting you progress or sharing on Facebook with the hashtags #cluttercrusade or  #mommacan.com. I am mommacansing on Twitter.

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Have a rocking day!

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