100 Club Pick-Up – Just for Moms

This week we are going to hang out near our stuff.

What?  Yep, our stuff. For one week we are going to clean out personal clutter, organize personal stuff, and take a couple of minutes here and there thinking about things we need to accomplish for our personal health, work, and home goals.

I know how hard it is just to think about you for a few minutes a day. I am right there with you.

  1. But I can’t exercise today, there is still homework, sports practice and that poster that is due tomorrow!
  2. But I can’t make a healthy lunch today! I have to make the kid’s lunches and make a trip to the store to buy dog food and razors!
  3. Why can’t I find anything in my closet to wear? Ugh….
  4. I remember way back my favorite thing to eat was _______. But, I don’t eat it anymore because I am the only one in the house that enjoys it.
  5. Wait!?! Didn’t I just pick up that pair of sneakers 5 minutes ago?
  6. Where are my socks? Hey! Are you guys wearing my socks? Even the ones that say MOM on them?

I would bet that you could make some kind of list like this.  A man would say this is whining. But, I would say it is just par for the course especially if you are a work at home mom or stay at home mom. And not one thing will change unless you as the mom make the change.  Because just like picking up that pair of sneakers and making that special school lunch for 400th time, it generally goes unnoticed.

Simple Daily Challenge: Go to your room and bathroom and pick-up 100 pieces of clutter. If you are neat as a pin then go through your home and do your pick-up.  Happy You Week! I personally cannot wait.

And please  do no feel guilty because starting March 5th we begin the Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge.


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    1. I know, the socks I have that say mom are used when you use moisturizer, my youngest loves the stripes lol.

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