Let’s Play 52 Pick Up



Its Monday! I love Mondays because I have zero volunteer hours to work at the school and I can catch up on this and that around the house.

Its Monday!  And we are going to be running around the house today doing a 52-pickup!

Yes, we are back to the Magical- mornings 52 pick-up to keep our house on the tidy side and fight the clutter monster.

Pick the most cluttered room in the house. ( today, mine is the kitchen) Grab your trash bag and a container or laundry basket and pick-up and put away 52 items. Put trash in the trash bag and items that need to be in another room in the basket.

When you are finished throw away the trash and put away stray items that you have in your container into their correct homes.

When you are finished take a look at what you accomplished and give yourself a momma shout out!  Moms Rock!

Happy Monday!


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