Happiness In The Little Things- My Home Office

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As I was wondering around my house this morning, wondering what room would benefit with the very, few minutes I had to spare today to tidy I became flustered.  Apparently, I have more untidy rooms than I have time in my day.  Does this happen to you?

I know that I cannot expect my home to be Penelope Perfect as a working mom.  But I do want a wonderful place to see when I take work breaks and when my family is having dinner.

My solution is just this simple.  I can only do the best I can with the time I have.  So I need to choose my battle for the day.  I take just a few moments and think, which task or room would have the most impact on my happiness today?

I know all the rooms are important in my families day to day life.

But which room would give me joy and my family joy at the end of this day?

Right this second the rooms that need the most help are my office, my bedroom and my son’s room. 

  1. My son is about to get a new bed on Saturday, so all of his room will be packed up on Friday night.  (skip)
  2. My bedroom is really the hub that give my husband and I time to connect in the busy crazy world.
  3. My office is a den of craziness, it is much like the kitchen in many households, it gets used for everything imaginable.

So my resounding vote is, my office.  It is getting 15 solid minutes of my extra time today.  I will still do my Daily Dozen, which help keep the kitchen tidy and the bedrooms livable.  But my office is going to be zapped of clutter, debris and swept so that when I walk in at least I will not cringe.


Simple Daily Challenge: Choose your room of greatest impact and tidy and clean for 15 minutes!  You can do this, after all, you are a rocking mom.

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