More Order, Less Stuff, Peace

Yesterday we dipped out momma toes into extra room or area of our choice to give it a little tender loving, organizing, clutter busting care.

We are going back today saddled with the knowledge that when you take a peek into an orderly life in the busier rooms and areas in the house you want more.


more order

less stuff

eye candy – things that are visually appealing

memories in frames or in art

easier access to most used items


but above all else….



In order to obtain that peace we have to just jump right back in a wipe out as much clutter as we can and give as much order as we know how.

The best way to inspire order is to view order.  And although most photos  from magazines and ads are made to look orderly that are still inspiring.





Simple Daily Challenge for Busy Moms:


Spend 10 to 15 minutes creating order and peace in the extra room or area of your choice.  I am working in my home office.  I have high expectation of myself and little time to work on those expectations.  However, I am moving forward and that is all any mom can ask of herself in this crazy busy world.

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