7 Days of Christmas Crazy Planning Day Part 2

Part 2

The Project List – Do not be afraid.

On the Project List from part one write a brief listing of every single project that is due before Christmas or during winter break. If they have a due date like Gifts to be sent via UPS or USPS then put that date next to that particular listing.

A few of mine are as follows:

Gifts to be Mailed – December 14, Ugh, I am a little stressed on this one.

Gifts for Home

Christmas Cards


Christmas Eve Dinner

Tidy Office for Guests

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Cookie Decorating with Little Guy

Trip to See the Trees at Ronald Reagan Library

Driving Excursion to see Holiday Lights

View Manger Scene Exhibit


*do not be afraid to be honest about your to do list. It will only stress you out if you do no get it all out of your head and on some paper.

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