7 Days of Christmas Crazy Planning Day Part 1

What is totally awesome about the 7 Days of Christmas Crazy is that this will be real-time. You will be receiving the challenges at the same time I am actually doing them.

I will be just a few hours ahead or even real time utilizing Facebook and Google Plus.

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines Its Planning Day

Before we sit at our work station or kitchen table please take 5 minutes and clear it off. Just 5 minutes- let’s not get crazy and start room over haul.  We just need some space for thinking.

I cleared my messy desk in 5 minutes, but oh boy, my physical in-box is so full. I have been under the weather and need to get caught up at this evening. But first things first, I need to get my Christmas plans on paper and current so that I can rest peacefully and worry free tonight.


Next up:

On my Daily Agenda Sheet I have blocked out time for my planning. This means, that my planning hour is relatively guilt free because I have allowed time for it and my young son will be in bed for most of the planning.

The Project List:

Grab some notebook paper, your planner, a spiral or something to write projects going on during the holiday/winter break. At the very top of your first list write Christmas, Holidays, Winter Break, just choose whatever title or overall Project listing that might fit your needs.

Mine says:

Christmas/Winter Break

Next: Write Your Outcome

How would you like for this Holiday Season and all its experience to be?

Mine says:
Peaceful, Joyful, Loving Christmas, Fun and Laugher with Learning Winter Break

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