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Back to School Clutter Fix in 10 for Children’s Books


School Days are just around the corner and I am on a mission to get my child’s bedroom, study area and play area totally organized for the new school year.  I have finish clutter-fixing most of his room.  Yesterday I tackled the books.

I gathered and pondered over 100 books and it was an amazing emotional journey.  Deciding which to keep and which to donate while my timer ticked away 10 minutes helped to keep me focused.  Some I just had to keep especially the very first book I read to my youngest son, Snuggly Puppy by Sandra Boynton.   The pages are worn and the pictures probably have milk and cereal permanently embedded in the pages but it makes my heart melt every time I see the Mommy and baby puppy on the front cover.  

And when I packed it away in my son’s keepsake box, I must admit I was crying.  My little guy is growing really fast and he no longer wants to sit in my lap and ready little board books.  He now prefers Captain Underpants and anything about Egypt and mummies.

Out of the 100 books I kept only the ones at his reading level and three for his keepsake box.  My donation box held around 52 books just from his room.   I will address the bookcases in the family rooms, my office, and the play area at a later date.

Simple Daily Challenge:  Take 5 -10 minutes and gather books that your children have outgrown.  Keep what you cannot part with, but remember space is precious and the more you clutter-fix your child’s room the less time it will take them to tidy the room during the week.  Don’t forget to donate the outgrown books, some child some place needs books and how awesome is a momma who takes time to help them get a few?



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  1. I am doing this too. But I’m cleaning out my basement (school room) and its taken me two days. Anyway, I must admit, I was getting pretty sentimental too. Old papers and drawings and old homework that I didn’t know I even had. My daughters are 12 and 9 and my son will be starting K next year…so hard to part with some of that stuff, but I had to. I kept what I needed and then threw what I could and donated the good stuff. I am parting with some homeschool curriculum too…decided to sell it on homeschool classifieds. Anyway, I can relate!

  2. @Chelsey,
    You know, I only write what I need to do most. So, I am kind of encouraging my own little motivation.

  3. @Michelle Letting go of stuff is sometimes really hard. But, my thinking is as long as I keep the extra special ones, new stuff will arrive shortly. Today, I am battling do I need to keep his first reading box? Will he miss it? I doubt I will part with it I am really a sentimental gal. I cried for three days when my husband traded in my mini-van. lol

  4. Ok, I’m inspired now to clean out my son’s book shelves! I’m so sentimental, I know I’ll have more than 3 for the keepsake box but it does feel really good to donate as well and once things are clean and organized, that’s a great feeling as well!

  5. Great post. As a professional organizer I see homes that could pass for children’s Libraries. I love books but sometimes it’s way too much. Both my kids are teens now so the books have gotten bigger and fewer. No more bedtime snuggles…sniff…sniff.

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