Beautiful, Inspiring Landscapes That Tolerate Heat and Use Little Water

I found this neat photo of a drought tolerant landscape that has the whimsy of a cottage garden.  I live in Southern California and we have been experiencing a drought for quite some time now.  We now can only water twice a week at our homes, and many of my favorite plants simply cannot survive with such little water.  I imagine that we will see plenty more landscaping ideas utilizing drought tolerant plants in the future.  But I thought I would share the favorite I have found thus far for landscaping.
Love the pop of the red umbrella. Using materials to add color is a great investment in a drought tolerant landscape.
I adore the pinks and reds in this setting.
You can easily add a pot of your favorite annuals or a potted vegetable and water it separately. No since in going through the summer without at least one of your favorites despite the drought!  Use potting soil that seals in moisture and ask your local gardening supply store for the best choices in organic fertilizer and plant/vegetable choices for your ot climate.
Here is a link to 12 drought tolerant plants from Sunset Magazine, which I love reading for short trip ideas and restaurant recommendations!
Do you have a favorite plant for drought tolerant landscaping?  Would love to know about your favorites, just leave a note in the comments.  We could use all the help we can get!
Have a super day!
Pam aka Momma

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