Busiest Mom in the World Clutter Challenge Office and School Supply Surplus


Busiest Mom in the World Clutter Challenge


This morning while driving to school to do some library volunteer work I saw a motivating site.

Wearing hiking boots and holding a limb saw was a  petite older lady of about 68 years. She was attacking those tree limbs with vigor and determination. How did this make me feel? I will tell you, Jealous! Where does she find the energy?

So this makes today’s mini-clutter challenge seem like eating M&Ms on a porch while enjoying a  piping hot chocolate in a Cocoa Mug or our favorite I am the Queen of the World coffee mug.

Let’s Get Started:

Today we are gathering our Momma-style determinations and zipping through our office and school supplies to donate the extras.  If you don’t have any extras then you can do a 50 item pick- up or file a few papers in your 5-minute time allotment.

For us hoarders our challenge is as follows:

Set your timer or turn on a a couple of fast paced tunes and get yourself a donation bag or box and fill it with stuff that you have way too many of, no longer use or have never used in the history of your homemaking.

Right off the top of my head I have a 10-pack of folders that I had purchased for Choir, but did not have the much needed prongs. Into the box they are going, along with whatever else I can find.

When you are finished put the box or bag in the car and take it to the school office, your church or local charity office.  Never toss the good stuff just move it to a home that can use the stuff. You may have a friend with younger children to use up those primary tablets that you older school children have no need for these days.

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