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Busy Mom Busy Life

I have a real issue with unpacking my suitcases completely – after family trips. Now, I am not so freaky that I am hoarding dirty laundry in the travel gear. I keep plastic bags to store dirty laundry when we pack up on the last day of excursions. So the laundry is dumped right into the washing machine or the laundry hamper when we get home.

And then I stop. I am a suitcase hoarder. My husband calls my suits cases “time capsules”.  I am kind of embarrassed that he has a pet name for my mess, but whatever, I am just a busy-stress-out-mom who happens to choose to get my kid to school on time while doing 2000 other things OVER unpacking my suitcases.

Until Today!

Today I made it my 5-minute tidy project and was so surprised how quickly the whole process was completed!

Messy to Tidy 5 Minutes at A time Suitcases

This photo tells me I have way to many pieces in my house that happen to be painted black. Perhaps some color is due to come my way?  But it certainly looks better without the suitcase MESS!

Mommacan.com- Messy Suitecases

Here is the before shot, you cannot see the third suitcase, it is buried! 😉

Tidy Corner- Mommacan.com

Here is the after!  Yes, I am doing my happy mommy dance. 

Simple Daily Challenge: Find a messy spot in the house, set your time for five minutes and work on Tidying it UP!

Have a rocking day busy people!


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