Christmas Gift Idea – Budget Friendly Wusthof Knives for Mom or Dad

christmas gift ideas 2012Once you cut meat and veggies up with a Wusthof knife you can never go back.  This morning I ordered this very nice and affordable set for my mom as a Christmas Gift.  I will more than likely order the Chef knife for her anniversary or birthday this January. Why on earth would I buy my mom something so practical?  Well, because Wusthof rocks as a knife and even the most novice of cooks need to peel and apple or potato some time.

I know we all have our favorite kinds of chef knives and pairing knives, but in this house we love Wusthof.  Oh, if  you do happen to purchase a good knife, make sure you buy the sharpening kit that matches your brand of knife.  It just makes life so much simpler and the knife so much more effective.


Happy Shopping Ya’ll!



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  1. You are so right about making sure you purchase the sharpening kit. I bought a Yoshi blade knife and a peeler came with it. The ad touted it would never need sharpening. It was the best knife I have used. However the blade is dulling and my kitchen scissors does a better job at times, depending on what I am cutting. In the future if I decide I want another knife I’ll look into the Wusthof knives.

    God Bless!

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