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Laundry Room Booster For Busy Moms

We are enjoying a nice trip around many laundry room ideas today. If my laundry room where an icecream flavor it would definetly be vanilla. These rooms are here today to inspire us to put a little life and love into our laundry rooms!  Enjoy the journey and the home booster at the end.


Hooray for this lucious green color!

I love this little shelf with the vintage knock-off landry soap can and the shells.

This was my favorite, I mean if you are gong to have a laundry room  make it all about you and your family!

If you like pink, then be pink, live pink and wash you clothes in a pink room.

Simple Daily Challenge: Spend 10 to 15 minutes putting away clutter and tidying the laundry room. Then take a couple of minutes and try to think of ways to pretty it up with items you have on hand in your home.  Don’t spend a penny, just find some hidden treasure and show it off!
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  1. I love the pink one but Hubby wouldn’t go for it since our laundry room is the room we walk in through LOL@

      1. LOL! Yea, you are right about the froggy appeal! But my thought process is that I wouldn’t be able to reach most of the higher shelves and cabinets! 🙂

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