Using My Listening Skills To Get in the Groove

Sometimes as I try to organize my week, month or just my day I need to stop and regroup an ask myself what my purpose is and where do I want to see my life and my family’s life in the next year.

When I finish with this little brain storming I realize that all my dreams, wishes and tasks are all absolutely doable when I approach the lot in a logical way.

And that way is emptying my head. Writing things down.  Then choosing my actions and time management wisely as a super busy mom.

Listen to this podcast by David Allen creator of GTD the Art of Stress Free Productivity. If you are like me, you will get an instant productivity boost just by listening.

When you are finished,  please take a few minutes and empty your head I really feel you will be in that Momma Groove.

Here is the link.

Getting Started with GTD.  

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