Do You Hear What I Hear?

That sweet, sweet sound of silence. The sound you get the day before Winter School Break begins. The only thing I hear is the rumbling of the heater, my breath, and the words I am mumbling as I write. Sweet, sweet, silence.
Tomorrow Little Guy will be under my feet, asking for snacks, begging to play the X-box or to go to the park. He will be thrilled that he is on holiday. I will be thrilled to find 5 minutes to take a shower and brush my teeth.
So today, I am going to relax for a bit before I begin my days work. As a glance around my house walking slowly with coffee mug in hand I have discovered that clutter is trying to rip me of my mommy peace.
Was it just Monday that I did my all around the house pick-up? What happened? Oh yeah, I have three messy monster men living here.
The messiest room in my house is the office. The dumping zone of all non-living things. Partly, because we misplaced a homework folder last night and I spent the morning rambling through stacks of stuff to discover it was not in the stacks of stuff. 
Enough of this rambling,
Simple Daily Challenge: Do you have a room in the house robbing you of your peace? Choose the messiest room in the house and give it 5 minutes of momma- time. Pick up stuff and put it away, straighten pillows, shovel toys in a basket. Whatever you can do in 5 minutes. 
Have a super weekend!

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