Is There A Monster In Your House? Ick! Is he in the fridge?

Is There A Monster In Your House? Ick! Is he in the fridge?

Everyone has at least one.  The place in your home you avoid at all cost because it just seems the world will crash into the moon, Disneyland will stop being magical and chocolate everywhere will turn to Brussel sprouts if you go near it.  This monster is that messy cabinet that has debris falling out every time you open it, that refrigerator with the scary hairy moldy things looking at you, or the trunk of that car filled to the brim with sports gear that fit your child seven years ago.
These are our monsters. They rob us of energy and happiness and we simply cannot let that happen.  Today we begin… our monster battle taming before the holidays.

  1.  Take 10 minutes and throw out any trash in or near your monster.
  2.  Take 5 minutes and put away items that do not belong in our near your monster.
  3. Clean your monster for 15 minutes on the inside.
  4. Clean your monster 15 minutes on the outside.
  5.  Organize your monster for 10 minutes on the inside.

Now in these five steps, that you can do throughout the day you should find that the monster is either tame now or at least a monster in training.  Repeat the steps you need to go through the week to completely train your monster.

If you have more than one monster in the house, never fear… we have one more weekend for monsters!  Just pick the ugliest monster in the house for today.

 Question: What monster do you have lurking in your house?

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  1. Thanks for these inspiring tips. These gonna very helpful in home organisation and especially for me as now I am planning to get organised for the winter season and thus I need these tips.

  2. Pam if your chocolate turn into Brussel Sprouts its your fault not mine. I have set aside part of y day to tackle my food pantry. Its so organized a full length DIY spice rack, pretty jars with labels, bins with labels, a bag organizer.

    You cannot see any of it for the food stuff just tossed on top. Today is the day.

    Brussel sprouts are good roasted with garlic. Leanna

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