Do Your Remember Teddy Bear Tea Parties?

Happy Mom Days!

Welcome to day seven of Happy Mom Days! 10 Days of taking care of you just in time for Mother’s Day.

Today we embark on an adventure of food.  Essentially brining back the days when we had a tea party with a stuffed bears or dolls and used tiny fine tea sets, or just borrowed a cup or two from the cupboard. Our little girl selves went to great lengths to make setting elegant and beautiful, picking flowers from the garden outside to add to our setting and cloth napkins at each setting, because you cannot have proper tea without a proper napkin.

Enjoy the photos below, hopefully they will spark a memory or two.


The photo above reminded me of my childhood.  When I was six years old I was sick and had to stay home from school so my father, in full Airman gear, came home with an Ice Cream Parlor play set along with ice cream and root beer. He had just returned from deployment so having him home with me was the best thing ever. He sat down with me and set up the ice cream service on the coffee table. It must have been a sight, because he is over six-foot and the tea set was very small and very girly pink.  I will hold that memory forever, especially him dabbing his lips clean with the tiniest pink cloth napkin in the world.

Look at the gorgeous grown-up version of a tea party below.

Happy Mom Day Tasks for the Day!


  • Take a five-minute power walk. It can really give a much-needed boost of happiness in the morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Work on your Honey Hint List  for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and other holidays,and make sure it becomes available to all the most important people in your life. (spouse or partner and your children) Single moms can call this the Mommy Hint List and add things like home-made cards, hugs and extra chores for the little ones.
  • Take a quiet moment and have a little Tea Party just for you. Make finger sandwiches, soup, or salad and add cup of tea, put a posy in a vase, and use the prettiest napkin or dishcloth to dazzle up the table. You are totally worth a quiet meal and a pretty napkin. 
It really is the little things in life that make life grand. And adding a couple here and there throughout your busy mom week can give you a little boost of self-care to make it through the crazy, wonderful, busy life.

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    1. Aw…loved your memory with your dad. Pictures conjured up peaceful images for me. Thanks! Love the Honey and Mommy hints, too.

      1. We live 2000 miles apart. And I now know how he felt being away from us. I will be seeing him soon though going home for my highschool reunion!

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