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10 Days of Taking Care Of You

Despite the thousands of items designed to “simplify” moms’ lives today, a recent survey conducted by Ivory revealed 80 percent of American moms think motherhood is actually more complicated today than it was 20 years ago. 

And while they might be more stressed out and busier than ever, almost nine out of ten moms think they’re doing a better job balancing it all than their mothers did.

I read this statement at least five times and kept thinking, are we really balancing it all better than our mothers did? How is that even possible when we have so much ‘MORE’ to balance today than we did 20 years ago.  Even the simple responsibility of communication has mega-quadrupled in the past 20 years. 20 years ago the internet was some kind of interesting hobby and now it is a third of our lives.  Email alone has etched out at least 20 minutes of my day, each and every day.

This article at Forbes about working moms and moms, in general, is a good read and really hits home. Moms are just exhausted because they do so much.

More Work and No Play Puts Today’s Moms in a Tough Bind


So for 10 days, we are going to take back a few minutes and put “Play Time” back in our lives as well as addressing things that we tend to put on the back-burner while we put everyone else to the front.

I am going to keep our task lists for the Happy Mom Days short and to the point because I would rather you do the suggestions than sit here and spend 10 minutes reading about them.


Happy Mom Days!  Day One- Let’s Get this Party Started!

1. Open up your calendar and glance at the next 10 days or so. Try to find stretches of time that are not filled up with family activities and work responsibilities.

Did you find a slot or two?

Now, fill them up with the word Meeting. ME-eting is the code word for you-time.

2. Take a quick five-minute power walk or try this Leslie Sansone Video*.

3. Take a 15-minute break today and enjoy a good book, magazine, or listen to your favorite music.


4. Now go to the nearest mirror and say these words to YOU.

For the next 10 days if you please, help this mom be the best that SHE can be!

Mantra for Moms

This does not mean sharpen up your parenting skills, this is all about sharpening up the TAKING CARE OF YOU skills.  You are totally worth taking time for you and don’t your forget it.

See you tomorrow!

*always check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program.

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