Happy Mom Days! It’s The Little Things That Make Life Grand

It the Simple Things in Life


Welcome to Day Six of our Happy Mom Days! We are celebrating and rejuvenating in anticipation of a wonderfully Mother’s Day but recognizing that each day, as busy moms, we need time for self-care.

Today, we are embracing the simple things in life and taking care to recognize the benefit of self-care.  I hope you take time for a ME-eting today and enjoy a simple cup of tea or a walk.   In this crazy busy life moms need time to soak up the warmth of a spring day and stop and actually smell the roses, not just think about how nice it could be if we could find the time to do so.


Happy Mom Days Tasks For The Day!

1. Make sure to schedule in some ME-eting time. This is the time we take for our own self-care. Write your time in permanent ink on the family calendar! It is important that busy moms realize they need to recharge their batteries in order to keep the busy home organized and happy.

2. Take a 5-minute to 10- minute power walk.  This will boost your spirits and heighten your creative instincts.

3. Take time recognize the little things that bring you joy throughout the day.

These simple things, when observed mind-fully, can really be what adds sparkle to the repetitive days of a busy mom. Check out this list for examples from Tiny Buddha.

40 Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Day


Enjoy your day! You totally deserve that ME-eting time and don’t you forget it!  A 15 minutes break in the day to enjoy a hobby, a coffee, or a chat with a friend can really make a difference.

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