Earth Day 2014 for Busy Moms

Earth Day 2014


Today, April 22, 2014 is Earth Day!  Now, I am not going to go into a huge debate on global warming. The internet is full of stories and articles on both sides of the fence. I did find this article on CNN very interesting though, and suggest checking it out.

The only thing I can say is this, if  I take a 4 inch block of clay and nick off a  pencil eraser sized  piece every single day for 100 days it will eventually be just a little wad of clay, about the size of my thumb.

It is pretty obvious, right ?  I we keep nicking away at our natural resources pretty soon we will only have an earth sized thumb-full to use  and several billion people who are going to need that thumb-full.

As busy moms our time is limited on how to change the world. However, we can take a stand and reduce usage of plastics, recycle as much as we can, plant a tree in the backyard, turn off some lights and unplug stuff.  I would bet right now, we could walk through our homes and unplug 5 items that are not being used on a daily basis and reduce what  they call “Vampire Energy Usage”.

The easiest and healthiest way to help is to purchase locally grown organic food at least one every other week and to reduce the amount of meat we eat at each meal and make a point of eating, not wasting left-over food. ( Not spoiled, of course)

Check out Earth Day Action Campaigns here for more ideas and several wonderful articles of information on our wonderful big, beautiful Earth’s resources.


Today, we are planting herbs for use throughout the summer for cooking and will go on a mission after school to zap out Vampire Energy Usage throughout our home.



It is Earth Day!  How are your going to celebrate and observe?

Simple Daily Challenge: In honor of Earth Day spend 15 minutes outdoors if you can, bask in the sunshine, plant a flower, enjoy the scenery and count your blessings. Have the little ones blow a few bubles and collect leaves for a collage.

Have a rocking day busy moms!

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