Easy Grape and Cheese Patriotic Appetizer

Easy Grape and Cheese Patriotic Appetizer with American Flag toothpick

Kid-friendly appetizer for special events. Make these festive for patriotic holidays with American flags or fun red, white and blue stars!



24 USA Flag Toothpicks/Cupcake Picks

12 plump red grapes

24 cubes of cheddar cheese ( you can find these pre-cut in the grocery)


  1. Cut washed and dried grapes in halves crosswise.
  2. Push one toothpick through cheese cube, and then pierce through the middle of grape until the cheese touches the group and both are held firm.  The flat half of the grape should be facing down.
  3. Repeat until all cubes and grapes have flags.


Try using different grapes or varieties of cheese to make this even more festive. I have found several kinds of precut cubes of cheeses. You can also cut your own cubes just make sure they are not wider than your grapes. Their width should be similar to the flat part of the grape.

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