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Free Printable Daily Planning Agenda – Sheet for Summer

Free Printable Planning Sheet_ Daily Agenda_ summer

Free Printable Daily Agenda with Doodle Spot and Daily Meal Plan updated!

This printable to date has made my days more productive than ever in all my mom life and I am now sharing a Summer version of the printable for everyone to enjoy!  I love the happy colors and am currently trying to implement more joyful colors throughout my home and wardrobe!

Here is how the Free Printable Daily Agenda Sheet works:

Today’s agenda: my rough draft on how I am going to spend my hours during the current day.

Doodle A Day: In this spot I doodle what makes me happy, write uplifting quotes to myself and simple enjoy the idea of filling a spot with anything my heart desires.

Meal Planning, Water and Movement: I have a goal this year to get fitter and keeping track of what goes in my body and moving is a major part of that goal.

Daily Dozen: This is a list that I have to complete every day to maintain a less insane home. Everyone’s list is different so I left this section blank but will add a general list at some point in the future.

Gotta Do This: A list of actions or TO DO’s that need to be completed on this day.

Toot Toot! Today I…. : If something awesome happens or I completed a larger project I toot my own horn. As a mom sometimes that may be all the thanks I get that day.

Notes: A tiny little inbox for phone messages I receive, ideas or items I may need to add to a project list.

Post It Notes: Fit right on top of the note section. I stick one on and can easily lift it up to use the Notes Section. On the post it I jot down items I need to purchase at the store that day or anything else that requires me to be in my car or out of the house.

I personally love the doodle spot, it really lifts my spirits for some bizarre reason! Lately I have been creating colorful Zen tangles, very simple ones, however they bring me great joy.

Here is the link to the Free Printable Daily Agenda for Summer.

Summer Daily Agenda_ Planning Sheet



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  1. This looks nice & bright…ready for spring & summer! It’s also very well organized & clear. It looks very user-friendly!

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