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Frumpy Muffin Tops and Tattered Tees

Frumpy Muffin Tops and Tattered Tees
Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge


Well, if ever a title spoke the truth about anything, this title speaks the truth about my closet. I have a real dream one day to fit into the cropped jeans I wore when I met my husband. Granted it was years ago and I was teaching full time as a Music and Movement teacher and I was so busy I barely had time to eat. I was probably to thin in most folks eyes. But I have those jeans fondly folded in a plastic box way up high in my closet.


The rest of the closet is a mix matched mangled nightmare. I have t-shirt with stains that would shame my momma into hiding and jeans and dress pants that I never really loved but had to buy because I just did not have the time to get the right fit.

I have now learned to take my time shopping and stick to the basics.

Everyone’s basics are different as I am sure you know. When I started writing this post I was sitting and researching right inside my closet. There were dozen, hundreds and who knows how many articles telling what my basic wardrobe should be. But through all those articles I never saw one single list for the overwhelmed Stay At Home Mom or Work at Home Mom and not one had what I think is the most important item of all.

The Cranky, Need A Break, Mommy sweats, the ones you pull out when you need a hug and have a to do list the size of Texas and no energy get all a fancied up in a cute blouse and jeans.


Do you have Momma Sweats? Mine are really yoga pants but I have not performed a Yoga move since we bought a Nintendo three years ago and there was some crazy game with Yoga involved. I perfected the meditation; the rest was kind of sketchy.


Well here we are chatting away, lets get to the Clutter Challenge

In your heart you know what clothes you love and which ones fit properly.

Find your happy place and just let go of clothes that do no love you like you should be loved.

Banish the muffin top pants and the tattered t-shirts.

Let go of that crazy sweater you bought for the Christmas Dinner and get yourself something that you really love.

Lets Get Started:

Dump the Frump and anything with holes.

Donate what you can to your local Goodwill or other donation store.

Write a list of what basics you need and go ahead and write down your dream-shopping list.

You are a beautiful hard working mom and with a little planning and even shopping if need be you can wear things that fit and that make you look on the outside what you are on the inside a loving momma and a outstanding woman. Size does not matter it is all in the attitude. Giving birth or adopting children, now that is attitude. Running a household, paying bills, wearing fifty different hats, nurturing children into productive adults, that is attitude and it is powerful.

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