Pajama Fairies and Sock Monkey Trolls

Pajama Fairies and Sock Monkey Trolls

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Sometimes I annoy my husband. It seems every time I visit the local Target or the Mall I come home blessed once again by the pajama fairy. Magically, a new pair of pajamas or a cute night gown appear in my pajama drawer and lets face it he does seem to notice I never wear the same pajama ensemble twice. I collect pajamas like most women collect purses and shoes. I love the comfy cozy feeling and I love all the fun colors. Let’s face it we can wear purple poodles and jazzy red teddies only in the confines of our own home. Folks tend to raise eyeballs if you wear them say to Wal-Mart. You might even get your two-minutes of fame if you sport something pretty spectacular at Wal-Mart that in most cases should not be worn. Note: Wal-Mart, although a bargain bonanza store is not the place for pajamas so please keep you momma pride and at least put one some jeans or sweats that fit and don’t show too much of you.

My pajama drawer is full and many are frayed and now kind of misshapen and dumpy looking. Much like my sock drawer.

Somehow what I refer to as the sock monkey trolls end up stealing one part of a pair or putting holes in stains in my socks for no particular reason. Could it be this is how new sock monkey trolls are born? I have no idea. But my sock drawer is a shameful mess.
Do you have a sock monkey troll in your house? Has the pajama fairy visited one too many times and now you can’t even shut your pajama drawer?

Today we are decluttering our pajamas and socks.
Let’s get started:
Grab your trash bag and an attitude adjustment of just letting go of clutter. Imagine your sock and pajama drawer neat and uncluttered.
Now toss the frayed and frumpy pajamas and get rid of mismatched socks and the icky ones with stains and holes.
Straighten up both drawers and give yourself a well-deserved momma hug.

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