Holiday Clean-Up Challenge Mommy Maintenance

Yep, even us moms need a little Holiday Clean-Up to Look and Feel Our Best

On my agenda today is directing the children’s choir and then decorating for an hour or so and then grocery shopping because we are out of everything.  So, just like any other day, like any other mom I am busy, busy, busy.

But today is Sunday and we should take 10 minutes or gasp 15 to 20 minutes and embrace our pretty momma-selves.

What to do? How to find the time?


Well with children running around hyped up by all the Holiday commercials it might be a bit challenging especially if your husband is a Sunday golfer or if you are a single mom.

I would suggest breaking up you momma- maintenance into small bites.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Home pedicure minus the polish- Do all the normal maintenance on your nails during the day when excluding the nail polish. Try buffing you finger nails to a shine and if the kids go to sleep easily tonight you can add a big of color at that time. I never have much luck with adding color to my nails. I think it may be all the coffee I consume.
  2. Cheap Facial: A wash rag will remove dead skin cells just as well as commercial products, just wash you face, then gently exfoliate with the wash rag, than slather up with some facial moisturizer and eye cream. Perhaps let you face breath for an hour before adding make-up.
  3. Take a 10 minute Super Power Walk, you will burn some calories and feel excellent.
  4. Grab a Hot Tea and some magazines you have been meaning to get to and enjoy them.
  5. Spend a few minutes writing down your goals for next year. Why wait until January? I feel change is good anytime and a good honest goal is one tiny step to your awesome momma future.

Anyway, do something for you today! You absolutely deserve it and you absolutely rock.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I know women especially can forget to look after themselves because they are so busy seeing to everything else. And yet it’s that few minutes of taking care of themselves that can really help to refresh them. These are some great suggestions for those who are busy. It doesn’t take much time, but can really do wonders!

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