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Holiday Planning Is Essential To A Stress-Free Season

Holiday Planning is essential in having a stress-free holiday. So is having a sparkly clean home! Join us in the 10-day challenge!

Welcome to the Holiday Shine Challenge!

Day One of the Holiday Shine in a Short Post for the Realy Busy Mom

We are here gathered on this beautiful day with one goal in mind to Simplify, Organize and Enjoy Our Holidays This Year! To accomplish this, we need to plan. And to plan we need space.

Clean a place in your home for your Holiday Planning .

Holiday Planning Space

Designate a spot in the house to do your holiday planning; any place will do,  Give it a five-minute tidy session so that it is clear of clutter.  Clear space equals a clear mind.


Write Your Holiday Mission Statement

A one or two sentence statement that reminds you what you would like to happen this holiday season. How would you like for this Holiday Season and all its experiences to be? 

Mine says: I want our family Holiday Season to be organized enough to have little stress, fun enough to be well remembered, busy enough to make oodles of memories, peaceful so that Momma can keep her cool through the whole thing and  to keep my exercise and eating healthy routines intact.

Clear Some Clutter Challenge

>>>>Grab your trash bags and throw away and put away 100 items as fast as you can. – It will make a huge difference, pinky promise!


Write Down Your Holiday Commitments and Special Family Events

Write down every single commitment you have for the next three months or so.  You can help this cause along by gathering all school and church newsletters, your personal calendar and any other item that has a date specific task.  Also, include in your schedule updates any special family events.  For example, Family drives to see Christmas Lights or a surprise trip to the local Christmas Tree farm. Also, write down any projects that need to be completed for the holidays,  Making cards, baking cookies, decorating the house. These are all projects.

Use a spiral, notepad, or your computer and your calendar choice or download our FREE PRINTABLE PDFs!

Here is an example of a project list.

  1. Collect Leaves and Nuts for Fall Table
  2. Fall Festival at School
  3. Thanksgiving trip to Grandma’s
  4. Christmas Presents
  5. Christmas Party
  6. Christmas Dinner
  7. Christmas Breakfast
  8. Cocoa and Christmas Lights Drive
  9. Reagan Christmas Trees and Disney Exhibit
  10. Favorite Holiday Movie Night

HOLIDAY BRAIN DUMP is for those of us who truly have lots on our plates! Which is like everyone! 

You can also grab our Holiday Brain Dump Page in the resource library.  Use this printable to brainstorm all of your commitments and write them down. Writing all of your commitments and responsibilities will reduce holiday anxiety. This will also give you the heads up on if you are over-committed or need a carpool for some school events.

Create Your Project Lists after you get all of your commitments out on paper. Make sure to mark special dates on your calendar.  Then when you are finished, choose a few days for cleaning and preparing for the season!

Enjoy Day One’s challenge!  Tomorrow we will be creating action plans for our projects and start tackling our home for that amazing Holiday Shine!

< Don’t forget to grab all the free printables in the Amazing Resource Library!>



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