Holiday Shine Challenge Day One Part Four – Christmas or Holiday Planning


Holiday Shine 2015

Holiday Project Lists and Brain Storming

Simply write down every single commitment you have for the next 3 months or so.  You can help this cause along by gathering all school and church newsletters, your personal calendar and any other item that has a date specific task.  Also include any items that need to be added to the calendar.  For example: A family drive to see Christmas Lights or a surprise trip to the local Christmas Tree  farm.

Here is an example of a project list.

  1. Fall Festival at School
  2. Thanksgiving trip to Grandma’s
  3. Christmas Presents
  4. Christmas Party
  5. Christmas Dinner
  6. Christmas Breakfast
  7. Cocoa and Christmas Lights Drive
  8. Gingerbread House Party
  9. Favorite Holiday Movie Night

Holiday Brainstorming

The Holiday Brain Storm

This is the most  interesting and mind freeing part of our planning day.  Just grab some paper or our free printable and start writing down every single task, responsibility, or project that comes to mind when you think about the Holiday Season. A project is any item on a TO DO list that has more than one action 0r to-do to be completed. If it has been nagging you, taking up your precious thinking time or just simple must be done this year then write it down.  This will clear up your thinking space so that you can focus on which items you wrote need to be added to your project list and which items can be deal with after the holidays.

The top of my list is the grungy, icky fridge in the garage, it so needs to be cleaned.

Tomorrow we will work on Action List for items on our project list along with one clean-up project.

Happy Holiday Shining!


Holiday Brain Storming

Holiday Project Lists

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