Holiday Inspired Bedroom- Little House in the Big Woods

We are finishing up in the bedroom today with a quick vacuum session, a bit more dusting and washing and laundering the sheets,if you so desire.

I thought a wintry bedroom photo would spark some determination and motivation.  Our bedrooms should be a place of refuge and messy, cluttery, dusty rooms are not really a place of refuge. I love the whimsy of the photo above, it reminds me of  Laura Ingall’s Little House on the Prairie series, my  favorite childhood books.  I keep a copy  of Little House in the Big Woods on my coffee table during the Christmas season.  I highly recommend a hot cocoa night and a reading of the Christmas chapters in this book with your little ones. Their simple, but loved, Christmas gifts are a real reality check to children in this high consumer world. Plus what is not to love about an old-fashioned Christmas story!


Now for the Challenge!

  1. Check the walls for massive handprints and clean as needed.
  2. Whack down any cobwebs you may see.
  3. Wash and launder sheets and remake bed.
  4. Vacuum the room, don’t forget the corners!
  5. Check the room for any recent clutter invasion and put those items away.

All Done!

Happy Holiday Shining!

We are cleaning, decluttering and getting  our hearts and homes ready for the holiday season!


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