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Back To School – Organize to Optimize – Child’s Bedroom Dresser Drawers

Back to School Organizing

Back To School – Organize to Optimize – Child’s Bedroom Dresser Drawers

Creepy Crawlies and Treasures

If ever a mom could find something interesting, creepy or down right scary she can find it in her little boy’s pockets or his dresser drawers. Rocks, nifty drawings, random sticks and an occasional creepy dead beetle, the sky is the limit in the grade school years and their interest in collecting ” anything” that strikes their fancy.

Today we are clearing out and organizing the dresser drawers, desk drawers, and cubbies in our child’s room.  This is going to be fun!  I mean just think of the memories you will be unearthing as you dig into the unknown zones an organize the treasures, discard the trash and discover that the socks are in the art supply drawer and the art supplies are under the bathroom sink.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Take an optional photo to keep you motivated and really experience that ” job well done ” feeling.  I have discovered that my son really loves taking a before and after digital shot of cleaning his room!  

2. Grab your trash bag, donation bag, and clutter box.

3. Discard the trash, put unused items or outgrown clothing and things in the donation bag, organize like items together and put any items that do not belong in the room in the clutter box.

4. Take the trash to the can outside,  the donation to your car or at a designated checkpoint in the house and then put away all clutter items from you clutter box.

5. Take your after photo!  You are totally rocking the Back to School  Organize to Optimize Challenge!

Question: Do you keep art supplies in your child’s room or does this frighten you and give you nightmares of random Wall Art drawing appearing in the hall way?  

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