Snakes, Coyotes, and Werewolves

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There is nothing I avoid more, in this crazy momma life, like I avoid the creepy corners in the garage and the extremely spooky storage closet located in the garage.

You see last year I saw I giant rattle snake just outside the garage door.  Now every time I step foot into that place I think, is there a snake here?  Is there a coyote in the storage closet?  Is there a mountain lion or Werewolf staring at me while  I am thinking about this?


Run Momma Run!

Yes, I am allowing to let you peek into my biggest fears snakes and four-legged critters who do not eat out of cute bowls labeled “Fido” and “Garfield Was Here”.

So it is with fearful pleasure that I will be challenging myself and you all to go down to the garage and tidy up a bit.


Simply Crazy Daily Challenge:


Take your broom and any other weapon of mom defense you can find and whack down all the cobwebs in the garage.

Give the floor a good sweeping and then go upstairs and thank your creator that you made it out alive.

Good Luck!

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