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  1. Great way to keep clutter under control Pam. I can take clutter for a while but I get stressed when things get to much out of control. Just reorganized and cleaned my fridge yesterday, and that let to the pantry and then to a couple cupboards. Always a great feeling when things are cleaned out!

    • Yes, and there is nothing more wonderful than being able to find what you need in the pantry!

  2. I have no trouble letting things go yet I’m always in a state of clutter!! Maybe you can just come over and organize me. About once a week should do the job????!! I know my problem is I just drop things and move onto the next thing instead of taking a second and putting them away!

    • I think all busy people to that very same thing. I do! I am my own worse clutter enemy.

  3. I do need to follow your advice but I don’t know where to start. I think I need to keep it all, you know just in case. I will set time aside and start with my closet. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I frequently do dishes so I can cook!! Sippy cups are like rabbits, you know? 😉 Great tips on cutting the clutter my friend!

  5. I need to get decluttering again to save my sanity – the house needs it and this post has given me a boost Pam.

  6. I think your paragraph about attacking one particular spot for half an hour is a great idea. I find it hurts much less to throw things out if I am donating them, that certainly helps with kids clothes.

    I notice you never mention. QUIT SHOPPING! Good thing too lol

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