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How To Steam An Artichoke

How To Steam An Artichoke

How To Steam An Artichoke, Menu Plan and Cleaning List for the Week.

Hi friends, this past weekend I spent several hours creating pretty spaces for the upcoming Fall Home Tour.  Fall in California is something I have had to adapt to over the years, especially Southern California.  The air is a bit cooler but not brisk and biting like my home state Arkansas and my heart-home state Tennessee.  The leaves do not really change much but the harvest does!  The artichokes and other rustic vegetables are plentiful at the local family farms and I was able to grab quite an impressive bunch for our photo shot.  I adore a steamed artichoke with a spicy aoili or even just a squeeze of lemon.  It is a healthy vegetable that is so unique looking that it just screams to be remembered in visual media.    I am sharing a super quick video I found on steaming artichokes for those who are not fond of following recipes. It is just over a minute long!  I love short tutorials. 🙂

Artichokes are Part of Southern California FallMENU PLAN FOR THE WEEK.

  • Monday – Clean Eating Baked Chicken Breast, Steamed New Potatoes,  Steamed Artichokes,  (served with Spicy Aioli) Cucumber and Watermelon Salad
  • Tuesday –  Potato Boats – Kind of like taco Tuesday, but with Cincinnati Chili and other fun toppings.
  • Wednesday –  Leftovers!  I can’t begin to tell you how much money you can save eating up leftovers from the fridge.
  • Thursday –  Crockpot Turkey Breast, Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans
  • Friday – Dinner Out
  • Saturday –   Pizza at Home and a Movie Night
  • Sunday –  Turkey Bolognese with Gluten Free Pasta, Greek Salad and Plums as a treat.
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    • Monday – Deep Clean Kitchen – Choose wisely on major appliance or area to deep clean. This I suggest cleaning and organizing the pantry. It is so much easier to put together a quick pantry meal when the pantry is well-organized and stocked with a few staples.
    • Tuesday – Bathroom – Give the bathrooms and good scrubbing, especially, tubs, showers, sinks and mirrors.
    • Wednesday –  Dust and Mirrors and Windows –  Dust all the furniture and doodads, shine all mirrors and windows on the inside.
    • Thursday –   Take the Day Off  Just do the Basics or Come back Thursday for our Mini-challenge.
    • Friday –  Organize remaining school supplies. 
    • Saturday – Linens and extra laundry. Don’t you love the idea of fresh smelling sheets and towels!
    • Sunday –  Free Day – Family Day – An opportunity for movement! 


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