I’ll Have An Air Sandwich Please

Lets start this post off with a little honesty note.

This morning I was so busy that I am almost certain I forgot to put the turkey in my little guy’s sandwich for school.  He is going to having a nice bread and air sandwich with a few baked Tostitos and a half cup of grapes.  I am sure I will not be on his happy list this afternoon.

The moral of this story is…. win some, lose some.  We can’t always remember everything and at least I remembered the bread.

Simple Daily Challenge:

  1. Clean the guest or children’s bathroom toilets and don’t forget to wear gloves. Its dangerous territory especially little boy’s bathrooms.
  2. If you are feeling overwhelmed at this point in the new start of a school year take a look at your calendar and find a day then you can slice in a mommy break.  Have some coffee with friends, read a good juicy novel or do what I do, browse Target without a shopping list!

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  1. Oh no! Not the air sandwich! Can you tell him tiny monkeys stole the lunch meat when he wasn’t looking? My kids have a hard time staying mad at me when they are laughing at my outrageous stories.

    I took option #2. I feel much better for it. Thanks for telling me to take a mommy break. It was a great nap.

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