Just A Tiny Pea in a Great Big Salad

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 37

Master Bedroom – The Closet and Flat Surfaces

I look to You-Tube often for inspiration. I love music, it raises me, centers me, and reminds that I am just a tiny pea in this great big salad of a world.


One video that motivates me and reminds that life has so many turns and incredible tipping points is Susan Boyle’s audition with Britain’s Got Talent.


In 5 Crazy Super Minutes her life changed forever, it was the ultimate tipping point. If just goes to show you that you can truly accomplish astounding results in 5 simple minutes.

And so we begin…. 3 Steps of 5 Simple Minutes throughout this day in our Personal Space the Master Bedroom.  ( well, I know the children probably sneak in and use your stuff but a mom can dream, right?)


  1. Take 5 simple minutes and clear flat surfaces, throwing away trash an putting away random clutter as you go.
  2. Take 5 or less minutes and dust those surfaces with the cleaner of you choice that suits the material of the dresser or end tables, replacing items that belong there as you go.
  3. Take 5 simple minute for the closet- and remove clothes that you look at and don’t love and place them in a donation bag. I know this is tough for some folks, but just turn on your super mom powers and make a decision.  Look at that piece of clothing and ask yourself does this make me the best ME I can be.


note: We are visiting our closet every day this week, so don’t get all Penelope Perfect in the closet unless you have hours to burn.

Have a happy, inspiring and simple day!


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  1. I was looking in my closet the other day and have dress jackets and a skirt. They are too big and I keep having the hope I’ll gain the pounds to fit in them one day.

    Ms Boyle rocks!

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