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31 Day Clutter Crusade – Day 12 – Shhh! Underthings


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Welcome To Day 12 of the 31 Day Clutter Crusade!

Shhh! Today we are talking about underthings.   Ask yourself these questions about your underthings, underwear, panties drawer below.

  • Can you find holes the size of moon craters?
  • Is the elastic  stretched out so far that you could put an extra person in there?
  • Would you be completely embarrassed if a snoopy neighbor or nosy relative happen to peek in your laundry basket and see the dancing trolls with red wigs on a glaring purple background of washed out cotton?
  • If an ambulance picked you up today at any moment, would you be worried about you or worried about your ancient Underoos?

Today is the day we take care of our underthings. Take 10 minutes and toss out the old, the hole-ridden, the grungy, the past redemption underthings. The ones with giant polka dots that you hate but were a gift, the one made of two strings and nothing else that will never be comfortable and the ones with the days of the week  that you wore in highschool (unless you just bought them and you are still in highschool).

10 minutes of ridding the underthings passed their prime and making room for some cute new underthings in the future.

There are really just three steps to do this challenge.

Dumb the underthings drawer in the middle of the bed.
Throw out the old, hole-ridden, grungy pairs.
Put the remaining happy, hole-free pack where they belong.

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Here is the 31 day Clutter Crusade Guide for the Month

You can right-click this photo and save it to your desk top or print it and share it with friends. Give Mommacan.com some love by tweeting you progress or sharing on Facebook with the hashtags #cluttercrusade or  #mommacan.com. I am mommacansing on Twitter.

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