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Learn Busy Family Meal Planning Tips

 Busy Family Meal Planning Tips

Busy Family Meal Planning Tips

Hi, friends. Two weeks ago I embarked on a mission to get my teen to eat his vegetables. The first two days went great. Then life kicked us around with a family loss, my dad was hospitalized, and then the general last-minute science projects, too much homework and birthday parties running out of our ears kicked my plans to the curb. So, out went the meal planning and insert fast food frenzy.

Meal Planning Chaos and Veggie Coach Failure

Sitting here this morning, feeling like a vegetable coach failure, I had a lightbulb moment. I know we are not the only crazy busy family in the world. I also know that we are not the only ones that run to the drive-thru to check dinner off our crazy lists.  So I thought, how can we get through the crazy times and still eat well?

How can I set an example for my kids to eat healthy meals even when life throws curve balls?

I took a good look at my personal experience and realized I am an emotional eater. Eek!

Odds are they will be as well! I have to do something!  I needed a new plan! Busy Family Chaos Meal Plan!

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Busy Family Meal Planning Tips, plan for chaos!

Busy Family Meal Planning Tips

I realized I can happily make a meal plan each week. I truly love planning meals and practicing new recipes and cooking our favorites. But I also need a plan for those crazy times in life that come up.  Here is my lightbulb moment in a nutshell.

  1. Take an honest look at the calendar. If there is a concert that night or other social obligation dinner needs to be extremely simplified.
  2. Be kind to the cook. When life gets tough ( loss of family member or illness) the cook needs a break and a hug. It is totally okay to enjoy that store-bought chicken with a store-bought side salad.
  3. Stock the Freezer – Stocking the freezer with pre-cooked meals saves money and sanity.
  4. Buy veggie and fruit trays. Purchasing pre-cut vegetables and fruit is not a mortal sin. Yes, it is more cost effective to cut it up at home but it is also cheaper than buying it at a local restaurant.
  5. Best Choices In Fast Food – On the occasion that I text my husband to pick up takeout I still have the upper hand. I can order salad just as easily as french fries.  There are places that offer apples as a side with a veggie-filled sub.( Thank you Subway) By searching online I can make great choices for our family and keep a running list of what are the best choices on the busiest days of our lives!

These five simple light bulb moments are going to be used in this week’s meal plan! Planning for Chaos means we can still win at healthy eating and still keep adding vegetables to my picky teen’s diet. Hooray!

I hope these meal planning tips can help your busy family learn to eat healthier choices in your chaos days!

How do you strategize your family meal planning? 

Busy Family Meal Planning Tips are always needed! If you have some to share please shoot an email to Momma at pamela@mommacan.com or post a comment! I would love to hear from you!

Busy Family Meal Planning Tips Meal planning is wonderful but planning for chaos days is essential in your meal planning strategy.

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  1. Like you, I make a menu every week yet sometimes life happens. I especially like the suggestion about freezer meals. That’s something I’d like to work on.

    1. Yes, the Instant Pot has be a real help in batch cooking meat. And now I try to batch cook roasted vegetables. However, I am not foreign to buying a few frozen dinners and serving a simple salad or raw veggies.

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